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Our organic Romanian Red seed garlic is the perfect choice for growers looking to add a bold, rich flavor to their culinary creations. This variety is known for its large to medium-sized bulbs, each containing an impressive number of cloves. It is ideal for planting in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and thrives in full sun. Romanian Red is a hard neck variety, making it well-suited for northern climates and producing scapes that are great for cooking. Plus, as an organic option, you can trust that you are starting your garlic crop off right, with no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers used in the growing process. Add a touch of bold, spicy flavor to your garden and kitchen with our Romanian Red seed garlic. (per pound)

Seed Garlic - Romanian Red (Organic, Large/Medium)

SKU: 701:1010L/M
1 Pound
Excluding Sales Tax
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