Our Farm

Located in beautiful Door County Wisconsin, Healthy Ridge Farm is a small family-owned business with a mission to provide natural and organic locally-grown produce & seed garlic!  Daniel and Amy both grew up in Door County, Wisconsin.  Married in the Fall of 2002, they started farming together in the spring of 2003.  Daniel follows several generations of fruit growers and has been growing his own produce since he was 12 years old.  His first crop was Asparagus !

Daniel and Amy have three children, Rodger (17), Katherine (15) and Rose (10).  They all love the outdoors and especially eating all of the fruit we grow!

PomPom and Mochaccino are our calico cats.  They are very friendly and specializes in all varieties of small rodents, which is very useful when you farm with so much straw covering! 

Daniel and the kids at a market in 2023!

Our family at a market in 2009.

**Side note:  Hippopotamus Bernoulli (Hippo) was our German Sheppard.  She passed away in 2023.  Her favorite part of farming was being outside with her family, eating asparagus, pears, and other vegetables we gave her, and ensuring that the deer, turkeys and mail truck keep an appropriate distance from her house.