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Welcome to our farm!
We are a family-owned farm specializing in the production of certified organic produce.
Healthy Ridge Farm
If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us at: 920-746-8889

Apples are a member of what family?

Current Farm Activities:
  • Breaking up and begining to dry Garlic.
  • Harvesting tomatoes. 
  • Weeding and hoeing.
  • Digging up potatoes.
  • Tilling up old strawberry fields in order to prepare them for the planting of next years garlic crop.  (Garlic is a crop harvested in late summer and planted again in early fall. )

Well, we had to break out the winter jackets and hats for the kids this last weekend.  The weather is very cold.  It is very interesting to see things actually stop growing during low temperatures and wait for better weather. 

Have you ever heard a farmer mention "We need more heat units"? If so you may be wondering, what does that mean?  Heat units are determined based on the temperatures in the growing location during the day and during the night.  This number is cumulative and is often above the 1000 mark for many types of produce and fruit.  Blueberries for example, depending on the variety can need anywhere from 900 to 3500 heat units before they will be ripe.